Chaco Terada

Chaco Terada started to practice calligraphy when she was four years old.  Yhohei Terada, her father and master calligrapher, carefully guided her in the learning process.  Mr. Terada taught calligraphy and it’s history at Toyama University in Japan.


When Chaco was in her twenties she had the opportunity to work on her calligraphy in ten countries as a part of the cultural exchange programs, Up with People and The Ship for World Youth.  She began to realize the importance of calligraphy in her life while working with the exchange programs.  When her time with those groups ended she moved to the United States, where she continues to work.  Chaco has led demonstrations and has taught calligraphy workshops at the Dallas Museum of Art, The Crow Asian Art Museum, Greenhill School, and Saint Mark’s School of Texas among others. The Joel Cooner Gallery is currently representing Chaco in Dallas, and has exhibited her work locally as well as in New York and Los Angeles. Her work has also been exhibited in Paris.


Chaco continues to maintain a traditional Japanese spirit in her work, while embracing contemporary influences.