Chaco Terada
Work On Silk Statement

My work uses the Japanese and Chinese calligraphic characters that I have practiced since childhood.  I take a line from one character, and when that brushstroke is made it tells me where the next one should be placed. This method of working is untraditional. I have found that the details and individual lines of a character are beautiful by themselves. I may use the individual brushstrokes that form a written word, Japanese letters, a Chinese character, or the definition of a word to portray the underlying meaning that I want to express.


My calligraphy is influenced by life experiences. When I create a brushstroke I think of the motion of water in a stream, or the movement of a breeze.  My lines do not create a word in the traditional sense, they interpret the meaning or mood that I feel the word represents. Before I depict the character for the word autumn, I would meditate on an autumn scene, and let the details that come to my mind direct my hand.


I find harmony between traditional and contemporary calligraphy in my artwork.