Chaco Terada
Photography Statement

My artwork is always in progress.  There is not a goal.  There is not a category for my work.  It is all about enjoying the process of every moment.

On a blank sheet of washi calligraphy paper, I make a stroke with the brush as an extension of my arm and hand done in one spontaneous movement.  Not necessarily to compose words but just enjoying the feeling of being one with my tools – paper, brush, ink and my spirit.  There is no right or wrong.  Mistakes do not exist.  Too much ink?  Too little ink?  Another piece of paper can be used to absorb extra ink becoming a beautiful print.  All possibilities exist.

Calligraphy on paper can be folded with delicate sensitivity by the tips of my fingers.  Not necessarily to create an origami form, but just to enjoy looking at the accidental intersection of strokes on the folded paper.  These lines overlay each other and the feeling changes.  The stroke quality alters meeting other lines in unexpected ways, or just disappear in the folds.

Looking through the translucent folded paper at light adds another dimension to the experience of discovery.  The lines cast shadows that pose for me.  I click the shutter as the strokes are growing and moving – appearing and disappearing.  I change the angle or the sun moves.  They pose beautifully and are changing constantly.  My photographs of origami and  calligraphy are a dance of light, line, and the unexpected.